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20 February 2018
Cinque Terre

Puerto Rico Is Under A Flash Flood Watch As The Wait For Supplies Drags On

Ten days after Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico as a Category 4 storm, the island is dealing with a humanitarian crisis as millions remain without electricity and water, and limited access to gas and cash.

Parts of Puerto Rico were under a flash flood watch Friday because of expected rain, which "will exacerbate the current situation," the National Weather Service said.

Still, military troops and disaster relief workers are improving supply chains, and "you'll see more presence, more equipment, in support of the municipalities" over the next few days, Federal Emergency Management Agency official Alejandro de la Campa told reporters Friday.

About 3,000 crates of private-sector goods -- such as food meant for grocery stores -- have been sitting idle at the Port of San Juan, in part because not all drivers have reported back to work since Maria, and other logistical challenges. The roughly 90 bank branches open are limiting the amounts people can withdraw per day, the governor said Friday, to ensure everyone can get some cash, even if it might not be all they want.

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